VistaCam Digital is the first fully digital intraoral camera that can create a live image without an additional base station. Image communication in the surgery has now been considerably simplified, as of now, it is possible to transfer digital video images from the new VistaCam Digital at your fingertips without loss of detail.

The results are simply brilliant


Bright and true colour displays down to the molars through LED illumination at the camera tip and and a light-sensitive CCD chip Plug & Play using USB 2.0 – simple and economical installation in the PC or laptop (medical product approval not required), without base station or frame grabber card. At the same time, the new integrated actuation by hand now replaces the additional foot pedal.

Thanks to the highly advanced IFC optics the images are almost distortion-free at up to 100x enlargement. Boxes, units, foot pedals or additional PC cards, which are costly and time-consuming in installation, are now no longer needed.

The functions Still/Live and Save are actuated with a round sensor on the hand piece

Image processing and archiving software DBSWIN 4

The new 360°actuation by hand offers optimum ergonomic control in all scanning situations.

Versatile tool for winning and retaining patients

The VistaCam Digital incorporates new technology and expands the range of applications from diagnosis at the treatment chair and communica­tion with the patient through to software-supported screen diagnosis and documentation for therapy support, for example in endodontics and surgery. The display of pin-sharp images right down to the root canal underlines this potential with preparations in the close-up area and identification of detail via the monitor down to 12 μm.

Wireless Option


Iris Focus Control (IFC) the perfect optic for extraoral and intraoral images as well as macro images.

Adjustable metal ring

enables a precise setting.

Iris Focus Control (IFC) – the highly advanced optic for extraoral and intraoral images as well as macro images.


A quick twist simultaneously changes the iris and the focus (saving time and avoiding setting errors)


Combination of iris opening and lens focusing geared to actual practice use ensuring optimum sharpness together with optimum image brightness at all times


High depth of field avoiding need to refocus in the mouth for maximum time saving


3 ranges of sharpness – 1 lens (no need to change lenses)


Automatic iris control for close-ups prevents overexposures


Close-ups at 100x enlargement enable detecting of D1 lesions, cracking at the edges, cracks in the enamel


High resolution for excellent recognition of detail down to 12 μm structure size

The power supply of the VistaCam Digital is ensured with a separate and direct power supply at the USB plug



Economical integration in the surgery

The cable-operated camera has a USB plug with an additional power supply. The separate power supply does not require PCs conforming to MPG guidelines. Integration into work­stations will thus present no problems nor consequently will upgrading of existing treatment units in accordance with MPG.


Front teeth area after treatment


Intra oral overview image


Close-up of a root canal
Before and after comparison

Show patients comparisons of what can be down with treatment

Four ways of using the VistaCam

Hairline cracks


Occlusal caries

Insufficient filling


VistaCam in treatment

Close-ups of the area of treatment displayed concurrently on the monitor can aid preparation.  For example, inendo-dontics, the root canal treatment or location of the entrances to the canal can be followed in close-up.

  • Work in an ergonomic position indirectly via the monitor

  • Treatment can be followed by the assistant and/or the patient

  • Positional control of the retraction thread

  • Indirect work on difficult to access areas with superb illumination Control of excavation and preparation

VistaCam in diagnosis

The outstanding enlargement in the macro area in particular proves advantageous in intraoral diagnosis to get a rapid picture of the condition of the tooth. Conventional laborious refocusing is not necessary with the VistaCam. The new VistaCam now offers even more features:

  • Outstanding enlargement capabilities

  • Optimum illumination

  • Depiction of difficult to access areas


Technical data VistaCam Digital


470.000 pixels


200 g

Intraoral depth of field

24 mm, for structures down to 60 μm

Length of handpiece

207 mm


max. 27 mm

Power supply

via additional cable to USB plug, power supply conforms to MPG


3 m (+ optional 2 m) digital via USB 2.0 cable


USB 2.0


operation Plug & Play, can be plugged in and unplugged

Optical system

6 LEDs with light-collecting lens, highly advanced optics, light-sensitive 1/4“color CCD sensor, non-fogging


Dürr DBSWIN or other software with integrated video module

Image storage

Sensor integrated in the hand piece with the functions Still/Live, Save

Image display

correct reading or mirrored via PC/laptop

System solution

optimum PC/laptop solution; simple integration into existing treatment units



An elegant solution in multiple-user operations it is fully portable having no cable and accompanies the dentist from room to room providing support in diagnosis, communication and documentation

Wireless footswitch (optional): portable and requires no cable, can be moved to different locations with the VistaCam

1 hand piece for several surgeries or 1 hand piece per dentist.

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DBSWIN – Image Processing Software

DBSWIN introduces the user automatically to the program. The individual areas and functions are accessible via mouse click - clearly and safely.

DBSWIN has now been published in more than 10 languages.

Systemised digital office

Capturing of all digital dental images

• Modular setup –video/ X-ray

Modular extension with the intraoral VistaRay

  X- ray sensor for endodontology and surgery

Compatibility with common dental office

   administration programs

• Interfaces to orthodontic measuring programs


Image data transfer with TWAIN

Free updates

Extensive image processing and measurement tools

Object-related filter functions (e.g. caries filter)

• Data exchange via e-mail

Import and export function for the most frequently

  used image formats (TIFF, BMP, PCX, JPG, RAW,

  JPEG2000 and others)

• Connection to external equipment such as

  microscopes, flatbed scanners, video cameras

• Archiving in accordance with RÖV


Getting one license per dental office is sufficient.

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