The DNS200 is for the IGP, Agfa Lithostar Processors.

The DNS200 is a fully automatic Developer Neutralizing Station designed to lower the pH of photographic developers to acceptable discharge levels. The DNS200 can also reclaim silver when used in conjunction with appropriate IGP recommended filters. The DNS200 microprocessor controller continually monitors the solution level and pH within the holding tank and adjusts the lower the high pH by adding acid neutralizer (Citric Acid). When the pH of the effluent is above the user defined set point, the pH dosing pump adds the neutralizer and the bellows discharge pump stops until the pH is properly adjusted. The DNS controller also monitors the performance of the pH pump/controller and will switch to an alarm mode if the independent pH pump runs too long indicating a problem with the pH adjustment.

Besides controlling the pH and pumping functions, the controller keeps track of the volume of solution pumped and activates a non-intrusive alarm indicating the correct time to change the silver filters. A button is provided on the control panel, "Until Service", that will display the remaining amount of gallons/litres of solution before the filters will need to be changed.


The DNS200 metering station has two principle modes of operation, Standby and Pumping.

Standby Mode: The DNS200 operates in the Standby mode when solution in the holding tank is below the Start/Stop float switch. This liquid will not be discharged until the level increases and the pH is acceptable.

Pumping Mode: Once the solution level in the DNS200 increases to the point that the Start/Stop float switch is raised, the DNS200 will switch to pumping mode. The DNS200 will continue in Pumping mode until the solution level drops to the point that the Start/Stop float switches off.


 -   860 mm


 -   530 mm


 -   700 mm



v    Large manual fill opening with hinged lid

v    Micro-processor controlled

v    LCD display

v    High level alarm and message

v    Check pH alarm and message (pH dosing pump timeout function)

v    Battery back-up high level alarm

v    Low battery alarm and message

v    High pressure limit switch w/ "Restricted Flow" alarm and message

v    Non-intrusive Service alarm to indicate correct filter change

v    Audible alarm stop key (resets automatically)

v    Displays gallons/litres remaining before service is due.

v    Displays total hours used over life of unit

v    Displays total gallons/litres used over life of unit

v    Displays gallons/litres pumped since last service

v    Easily serviced (modular design)

v    20-120ml/min adjustable pump rate

v    Factory set to10.0 PSI maximum pumping pressure.

v    Two inlets (3/4" FPT), Security overflow (3/4" FPT)

v    Easy to use drain hose.

v    Easy to service seal-less magnetic drive circulation pump.

v    Easy to calibrate long life pH probe (1-2years).

v    Self priming run dry safe polypropylene bellows pump

v    System can be set to display in either gallons or litres.

v    Includes 100 pH measurement strips (0-14pH)

v    Includes enough pH calibration solution for 3 probe calibrations.



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