In line with our policies of technological innovation and product excellence, and environmental protection, we offer a series of electrolytic silver recovery and fixer reduction systems with state of the art control and monitoring.

Silver Recovery Systems enable the legal discharge of all photographic chemicals, including washwater.


The best choice for your Silver Recovery needs!

By maintaining a minimal silver concentration in the fixer tank, we recover the silver that would normally be carried over into the wash and lost down the drain.
By constantly removing the incoming silver, the useful life of the fixer is effectively extended.
Silver-Matic helps you comply with the legislation controlling the discharge of toxic waste. Combined with the use of Ion Exchange Columns and Precipitators, these new units will enable users to meet the most stringent of hazardous discharge requirements.

We  can also monitor and test the discharge of your hazardous waste to ensure that you comply with local water company regulations. This is a quarterly visit by our engineers who take a sample from your processor drain. We then test by atomic absorption and send you a certificate of compliance.




Effluent Management System




J1 and J2   PH Control   Pro Mix A40
Ion Columns   DNS200   Ecomatic

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There is a Silver-Matic model to fit your processor

There are 6 models of totally automatic, microprocessor-controlled Silver-Matic available, ranging from the Silver-Matic LP for processors yielding below 15 troy ounces of silver per month, to the Silver-Matic J2, for those yielding 180 troy ounces. Larger models are available upon request up to 500 troy ounces per month.



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