CTP Ph-Control

   Product Description

IGP introduces the pH-Control, the first silver recovery and effluent treatment system designed specifically for use with CTP and standard plate processors.

Thereís been much discussion about how best to treat CTP and plate developer waste solutions.  Until now, the only viable option has been hauling; which ultimately only transfers the problem elsewhere.

Today, IGP offers the first real alternative: The IGP pH-Control System.

This is not just a machine; itís a treatment and tracking system that monitors plate processor effluent and keeps you in compliance.  Itís fully automated, which means thereís no handling, no storage and no hauling.  After treatment, the neutralised effluent is safely discharged to the drain.

The pH-Control safely neutralises the effluent from all plate processing technologies, including thermal, polymer and conventional processors.

The system regulates the pH levels using a specially formulated environmentally friendly neutralising solution.  For processors discharging silver we include a patented filter to remove the silver to below 2ppm.

With the patented 'Enviro-Jet' discharge system, your drains will be kept clog-free.

The pH-Control is linked to our monitoring database, which allows you on-line access to your environmental performance and effluent discharge volumes.

As part of our service plan, we will monitor your system, keeping track of maintenance and consumables making sure that you are in compliance.

Donít pay for promises; pay for results.



Features and Benefits

  •  Neutralises and de-silvers plate developer for legal discharge to drain

  •  Has a footprint of only 6 sq. ft

  • Treats waste at a rate up to 500 cc/min (720 litres per day)

  •   No haul-away or refining costs

  • Controls and tracks the flow of all solutions via a programmable monitoring and metering system

  •  No storage of potentially hazardous chemicals Ė all effluent is treated on-site

  •  Maintains silver levels below 2ppm


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